What They Say About Us!

Crank your amp up loud, no bullshit, scream, enjoy, show no mercy, who gives a shit? We are going to collapse the world and Rock and Roll is gonna be our message” This could be a brief but very accurate description of what 286 is about. No virtuosity and no beautiful melodies because they would be in the wrong place. In 286, there are 4 characters bringing back what some asshole said was dead, PURE ROCK ‘N ROLL.”

-Paranoia Metal Radio Show (Spain)

“This is straight up, in your face, rock ‘n’ roll. I know that term has been used, abused and beaten to death. Maybe it doesn’t look good in print anymore. But, believe me, if any band can put the excitement back into that term, it’s 286…and they did it with five tunes.”

-Ballbuster Music (Kentucky)

“When I was a kid all I ever dreamed for was to gather enough money and get a guitar and start learning. It was expensive and hard. Nowadays there are some online guitar courses for beginners. You can start playing literally withing few days. The new age and the new tech brought to us bands like 286. Keep going! ”

-Kevin Mahone (Miami)